BGH wire rod for key components in the subsea and gas industry!

Umbilicals are complex cable systems that connect oil and gas facilities on the surface and on the seabed. They supply the underwater systems with electrical and fiber optic signals, electricity, heat and various fluids such as hydraulic oil. These "umbilical cords", which are more than 200 mm thick, are used to supply, control and operate subsea systems.

Highly complex strands for the depths of the ocean:
These cables have to withstand high pressures and low temperatures, are durable and flexible and are often kilometers long. This is why they need a particularly reliable wire rod that offers the necessary corrosion resistance to seawater, has high strength and is easy to process and weld. The wire rod 1.4410 (X2CrNiMoN25-7-4), a super-duplex steel manufactured by BGH Edelstahl, mechanically supports the entire "umbilical cord" and provides the necessary weight to withstand water buoyancy. Tight analysis tolerances and process windows during production ensure reliable properties and long-term safe operation: 16 mm super duplex wire can be found in umbilicals that connect a subsea compressor station at a depth of 1300 m to the surface platform!

Focus on technology and innovation
Umbilicals with BGH Edelstahl are a key to reliable energy transmission and data communication in the deep sea. Industrial customers from the oil and gas sector rely on our steels to operate their systems safely and reliably.

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