Social responsibility

More than just steel by tradition

We care ...

Every company has a duty to recognize and assume its social responsibility. This applies not only to our own workforce, but also to general developments in society.

... for our employees

The special thing about BGH is that we do not have a hire-and-fire mentality. Every employee contributes to the company's success with their knowledge and skills. We are proud of the fact that many families work at our sites across generations, and we support our employees in staying fit and healthy.

Of course, there comes a time when each of us loses strength. When this happens, we support our colleagues with offers such as partial retirement and sheltered employment to give everyone the opportunity to stay in work for as long as possible.

... for society

But we are also active outside the BGH world. We provide long-term support to various associations and initiatives that have dedicated themselves to specific goals. It is important to us that we do not focus on specific age or population groups or ideological issues.

The form of support also varies: Sometimes it is done with money, but sometimes we can also help with our knowledge of materials or through our products.

Jugend forscht (youth researchers)

The "Jugend forscht" competition has been around since 1965. Scores of schoolchildren have grown up with it and young researchers can try their hand at scientific projects here for the first time.
In 2021, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the BGH group became a sponsor of the "Schüler experimentieren" section of the Saxony state competition. Above all, the sponsors make it possible to organize the award ceremony, which in the last two years could only take place online.

In addition to the sponsorship, the BGH Group also offered a special prize in 2022: A sightseeing flight with the Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sönke Winterhager, over the Group's Saxon sites.

There are some changes for the 2022/2023 competition round: The BGH Group is relinquishing its sponsorship of the "schüler experimentieren" division and switching to the main "Jugend forscht" competition. The competition will also be held as an in-person event again this year.

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Corporate running events

There are now corporate events in many cities where, for example, work colleagues get together to compete as part of a corporate team. There are such events in Siegen and Dresden, where BGH colleagues are also represented. The special thing about the Dresden event is that more than 70 runners from different BGH production sites (including Katowice) meet here every time to get active together and get to know each other and exchange ideas. BGH supports the event with team shirts and by paying the entry fees, among other things.

OneDollarGlasses: With wire from BGH for better vision

Since 2021, glasses have been made from BGH spring steel wire in Burkina Faso. The EinDollarBrille e.V. association distributes them to children and adults in developing countries. With BGH providing the spring steel wire free of charge, EinDollarBrille helps even more people to see well and creates new perspectives.

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Racetech is a group of over 50 students from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg who are working together independently and across disciplines to create a formula racing car from the initial idea to the final competition.

We support the team in particular by giving them the opportunity to train on our site and thus gain experience for the competition.

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Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

MAF is an international Christian air ministry that reaches isolated people in remote places around the world. With a fleet of approximately 120 aircraft, MAF flies vital medical supplies, food, drinking water and teams from 1,400 partner organizations to 1,000 remote destinations in 27 countries (2021 figures).

Among other things, MAF carries out emergency flights and flies medical personnel, medicines and vaccines to places where there is no medical care. MAF provides targeted emergency aid and delivers food, clean water and necessary materials to affected regions. Teachers and school materials are also flown to remote schools.

In this way, help, hope and healing reach people who are cut off from the outside world by geographical barriers, natural disasters or political unrest.

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BGH sponsors soccer youth team FV Dresden Süd-West

Team spirit, motivation and the will to achieve something together - these are the things that connect sport and business. BGH Edelstahl is the main sponsor of the FV Dresden Süd-West e.V. soccer youth team.

"As a major regional employer, BGH has an interest in attracting people to its training and job opportunities, and the local soccer club wants to support its members in the best possible way. A sponsorship that benefits both sides."

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