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With more than 550 years of experience in the production and manufacture of stainless steels, tool steels, nickel and special alloys, we offer you extensive expertise that combines precision, efficiency and quality!
We offer various contract manufacturing solutions, produced on modern production facilities and customised to your requirements.

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Wire rings - contract pickling and more...

In addition to the processing of ferrous materials, we specialise in duplex steels, Cu alloys, NiFe alloys and Ni-based alloys.

Pickling of wire rings

  • Weight up to 1,3 t
  • Outer diameter max. 1300 mm
  • Inner diameter min. 400 mm

Descaling of wire rings

In addition to classic pickling, we also offer the option of descaling the wire rings by shot blasting.

Corrosion protection and coating

On request, we can provide the pickled wire rings with corrosion protection and an appropriate coating.

Degreasing of wire rings

We offer alkaline or acidic degreasing of your wire rings.


The standard packaging is tied wire rings. On request, the rings can be packed on pallets or in wooden crates.

With our state-of-the-art and fully automated pickling line, we descale the wire rings to enable further processing.

Bars - contract pickling

Pickling of bars

Flat bars / steel sheets

  • Length 3000 mm - 6200 mm
  • Height max. 80 mm
  • Width max. 800 mm
  • Weight max. 400 kg/piece

Round bars
  • Length 3000 mm - 6200 mm
  • Diameter max. 80 mm

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