Whistleblowing system

anonymous - independent - confidential

If BGH employees, clients, contractors or other business partners of BGH violate rules or their conduct gives cause for concern, employees who observe this should immediately contact their direct supervisors, their responsible managing directors or the Compliance Officer. Other points of contact are the HR department and the works council.

BGH also uses an external, digital whistleblowing system that enables protected communication between whistleblowers and the Compliance Department at BGH. This system provides employees and people close to them with a confidential communication channel and the possibility of anonymous reports. The whistleblowers themselves decide whether they want to give their name or remain anonymous. The digital whistleblowing system makes it possible to report incidents confidentially, anonymously, online or by telephone. The reporting system is independent of the BGH Group's IT. In the case of anonymous reports, it is therefore not possible to trace back who the reporting person is.

The system can also be used to make complaints about violations of human rights and environmental obligations and to report risks in this regard. Complaints and reports can concern the BGH Group, including all affiliated companies. The reports may also concern the supply chain and business partners of the BGH Group.

Who can use the complaints procedure?

  • Employees of the BGH Group
  • Employees of our direct and indirect suppliers
  • Persons who are not directly affected by risks or breaches of duty

How can the external whistleblowing system / complaints procedure be reached?

The whistleblower system can be accessed directly via the QR code and link shown below.

How are reports submitted via the external, telephone reporting channel?

  • Mon - Fri: 09:00 - 17:00
  • from Germany: +49 800 3800 999
  • from abroad: +49 69 99998839

What happens to the reports?

All reports are reviewed and processed by our company's compliance organisation. The employees of the compliance organisation are BGH employees. They have the necessary expertise and are independent, impartial and sworn to secrecy in their work. This guarantees professional handling of the reports.

Ombudsperson for direct and personal accessibility

For direct, personal contact, there is an ombudsperson who can be reached as follows:

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