Booking of loading slot

Reservation & Loading regulations

Shipping process

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    Collection at BGH place of loading

    When entering the premisses of BGH, the vehicle operator must report at least the number(s) of the goods issue ticket(s) / delivery note(s) / loading list(s) which has to be taken over. In case of ambiguity, loading instructions will only be given if clear information can be provided.

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    Notification of readiness for dispatch by BGH

    The dispatch departments of the BGH companies shall notify the Buyer or an agent appointed by the Buyer of the readiness of the goods for shipment by email or fax, depending on the agreement.

Safety and loading regulations at the BGH Group loading points

  • Vehicle occupants who are obviously not involved in driving the vehicle must leave the vehicle outside the BGH premisses.
  • ehicles are only loaded up to the permissible gross weight.
  • Loading can be refused if the vehicle has obvious defects with regard to road safety.
  • Loading only takes place if the vehicle is suitable for the load and the carrier can provide the necessary loading aids and load securing equipment in accordance with VDI directive 2700 (runners, lashing straps and anti-slip mats etc.).
  • The vehicle operator must be equipped in accordance with applicable health and safety regulations (helmet, gloves, shoes, clothing)..
  • Operating the vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol is strictly prohibited.
  • After loading, the vehicle operator must report immediately to the exit control and after the exit formalities, the vehicle must leave the BGH premisses immediately.

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